Your house is made up of a lot of details. This includes the handrail of your staircase, the doorknobs of your doors, and much more. One of the vital components of your house is the handrail. Thus, you’ve got to properly choose them according to the style of your house.  

There are a lot of materials that you can match with a staircase. You can consider wood, wrought iron, glass, and stainless steel handrail Melbourne. They are ideal for railings. Today, we’re going to share the different types of handrails for your staircase.  

Metal or Steel 

This form of material is extremely trendy when it comes to the railings of a staircase. They are particularly common in extremely contemporary areas that are not afraid to take risks when it comes to style.  

These are an ideal choice in carefree, urban, and industrial styles. Steel is an extremely durable material that offers a cosmopolitan and refined touch to the environment.  

One of the elements that you will most often find in stairs is steel cables. They allow in a lot of light. This is particularly true if the stairs are placed in a central location of your home.  

Wrought Iron 

This type of handrail offers the biggest variety of possibilities. You can utilize this form of a handrail in a lot of forms and ways. You simply have to utilize a bit of imagination and excellent taste.  

Wrought iron goes perfectly with classic and bohemian styles. Aside from that, they’re excellent if you want the staircase to take the leading role in the house. Furthermore, you can incorporate a wrought iron staircase with various materials such as metal or wood.  

However, when it comes to this form of a railing, one disadvantage is that it’s expensive. The amount of work and material it takes to install these railings increases the value and cost of the staircase.  

Classic Wood 

The most traditional option is a wooden handrail. Wood offers a sense of elegance and finesse into the environment.  

It can have a more contemporary finish. This depends on the type of wood you pick. IT can offer a more classic feel or you can also be minimalist with it.  


Stairs with glass railings are actually unique. They enable light to pass through. This offers more spaciousness in the area.  

This form of handrail offers a sense of cleanliness and neatness to the way your house looks. Aside from that, it offers a touch of distinction and elegance to your house.  

This form of rails has become more common recently since you can design and build them yourself to suit your preferences. They can have various shapes and designs.  

Without a doubt, glass railings perfectly combine with avant-garde and extremely contemporary styles.  

If your home is more contemporary, the materials that you should consider are glass and steel. On the other hand, if you want your house to have a more traditional or classic look, then wood is perhaps the best material for you.